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I was today years old when I learned that Blue Monday is: 1) actually a thing, 2) the name for the most depressing day of the year, and 3) coming up in two weeks on January the 18th.

Never have I felt more understood, than knowing that there’s people out there that used pseudoscience to determine the saddest day of the year, slap a name on it, and revel in it’s mugginess.

Honestly, it brought a smile to my face.

For many of us, today is the first day back to work after a holiday break. Maybe some of you…

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Photo by Juri Gianfrancesco on Unsplash

I saw this great meme on Instagram one morning that categorizes my usual response of, “yes” perfectly: “Sometimes I just agree with people so that they can stop talking”. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not one to waiver from intelligent discourse. I’m also not one to disengage because my audience simply just “wouldn’t get it”.

The problem lies in that design happens to enjoy living in an echo chamber. It makes sense: like-minded people can talk about topics with an understanding that others in opposing fields probably have no interest in taking up. So, ironically, when the design community gets…

Denise Hurtado

Problem solver that leverages design as their primary tool. Curious in business, technology, regulation, and philosophy. Happily working in telematics.

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